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Q: Hello, I currently own a HTC Rezound. The internal indicator from moisture vapor has turned red. The smartphone will function but intermittently. The bottom panel will not always light up. This is the panel display with home, settings, return and search. Do you provide service such as circuit testing and/or micro soldering for this model? Reinstalling the updates? I am very interested in repairing this device. The device contains applications which can not be replaced or updated. There may be data contained in the logic board. Please let me know of the possibilities for service. Thank you, Kevin

We may be able to get the phone to function in a much better state than it currently does. From what you are saying, it sounds like water treatment ($50+tax) and a screen replacement for the HTC Rezound ($89.99+tax) might be able to get the phone up in running again. Please visit your nearest iFixYouri for more information. *Prices current Jan 2019

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