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Q: Surface Pro 4 charging problem. Tablet was having intermittent no charging problems but now battery is at zero and only runs if power adapter is connected. Power LED comes on when power cable plugged in but battery is at 0% with no battery charging. Tablet also shuts down sporadically when in use. Have tried 2 different power adapters with 2 different power cables. Cleaned cable connector and inspected power port on tablet with no debris or damage visible.

Surface Pro 4 Charging Port Repair

Ja James Adams - 1 month ago

Hi James, We'd recommend sending it in for our diagnostics service. We can test all the components and let you know what the issue is with your device. Diagnostics is free and we'll be able to effectively pinpoint what's wrong. Let us know if you have any questions, we'll be happy to help you out! Here is a link to the service:

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