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Q: If spilled water on my macbook pro will you guys be able to repair it if it doesnt open after 2 days of drying

15-inch MacBook Pro A1707 Water Damage Repair

Ja Jason Jiang - 1 month ago

Hi Jason, iFixYouri is happy to assist you with your 15” MacBook Pro A1707 water damage repair. We have a 90% success rate of saving water-damaged devices and use state-of-the-art equipment that removes any kind of corrosion, minerals, or debris that has built up on your circuit board and components. The water damage repair service includes full diagnostics and ultrasonic cleaning. We strive to fully restore your computer with only the ultrasonic cleaning process and the majority of the time, no other parts are needed to be replaced in the computer. If additional parts are needed, they will need to be purchased along with the water damage repair service. We guarantee that the laptop will be in good working condition or functioning properly once damaged parts are replaced. In the rare case that we can not get your device working, we will provide you with a couple of different options. Hope this helps!

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