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Q: Hi: My Microsoft Surface Pro 4, approx 3 years of hard use, stopped accepting a charge and the charging port failed. I purchased a replacement Pro 4 . Problem: I needed the info on the Hard Drive. I searched the web and reviewed comments and guides and thought thought to replace battery and charging port myself, I purchased the battery and the port. I went to get started and got cold feet. So, I need to fix the whole computer or at least have info from the hard drive. Can you help and what do you suggest ? I guess that the computer if fixed has a value under say $200.00 ? I would send you the computer and the parts that I purchased. Thank you

Surface Pro 4 Charging Port Repair

Al Alan Harman - 1 month ago

We can help. Please send your Surface Pro 4 in for a diagnostic. We would have to inspect the device to give you the most accurate repair quote. Please keep in mind, however, that we cannot offer a warranty on devices repaired with your own parts since we do not know the quality or source of them. Basically you'd be saving a bit on part cost, but giving up any warranty coverage.

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