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Q: Hello I have a MicroSoft Surface Pro 2 that I hadn't used in awhile and forgot my password so I tried to reset back to the factory settings and it keeps giving me an error stating "THERE IS A PROBLEM WITH RESETTING YOUR PC'. I took it to a local computer repair store and they were unable to load Microsoft 10 version onto the tablet and told me to get with MicroSoft for help. Can this be fixed??

Microsoft Surface Pro 2 Diagnostic Service

Li Lisa Lantz - 1 year ago

Hi Lisa, iFixYouri is happy to assist you with your Microsoft Surface Pro 2 repair. It is frustrating when your Surface Pro 2 isn’t functioning properly, more so if you can't figure it out exactly. We run a FREE complete diagnostic test on your Microsoft Surface Pro 2 to determine what needs fixing. We provide you a detailed repair quote; no repairs will be made on your tablet until we receive your approval. If for some reason your device is deemed nonrepairable, you still have other options. Our technicians can either send your device back to you in its original condition, or you can sell your device to Tech Reboot for the most money back guaranteed. If you have any other questions, feel free to call 1-888-494-4349. Hope this helps!

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