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Q: I purchased a Macbook Pro M1 Prochip 16GB/1TB SSD 9 months ago. I spilled a cup of coffee on the keyboard. Pulled out of the liquid immediately but the machine almost instantly shut down and will not power back on. I turned it upside down, dried it by tenting it upside down with a fan blowing air around it and didn't turn on for 48 hrs. Is this repairable or a lost cause? Can't find much online about this particular model.

We have a high success rate with our water damage repair service. Obviously the nature of water damage is unpredictable so we would have to open up your MacBook to get a better idea of the extent of the damage. Very often our process is able to get these devices powered up and running once again. The model doesn't matter so much as the extent of the liquid damage and amount of corrosion. Please send your device in for MacBook Pro water damage repair. Also it is important to note that sometimes during water damage, parts or components of your MacBook may require replacement. If applicable, these repairs will be quoted to you separately and we do not proceed until you give approval.